2019 NFL Mock Draft - January Edition

2019 NFL Mock Draft - January Edition

By Peyton Aldridge

Its almost time, my favorite time of the year. The NFL draft! Yes, I know we are still months away but I’m still excited and since everyone else in the world is dropping this mock draft and that mock draft, well its my turn. This draft class is loaded with defensive line talent. More than I have seen in years. With that being said, there is very little to come by as far as QBs go. I will do one of these each month up until the combine and then I will do a “final” after combine mock draft. Let’s dive in!

(Pick)(Team)(Team Needs)(Player and Postion)(College)

1-San Francisco 49ers(EDGE,CB.WR) - DE Nick Bosa Ohio State

The 49ers need a hardnose edge rusher and Bosa is just like his brother plus more. They can’t go wrong with this pick.

2-Arizona Cardinals(OL,WR,CB)- OT Jonah Williams Alabama

I could see them trade this pick to drop back a few spots but if nothing good is offered, they go ahead and fill a huge whole in that offensive line.

3- New York Jets(OL,EDGE,WR)- EDGE Rashan Gary Michigan

Originally, I thought they may go WR but you cant pass on Gary when there will be plenty of receivers to grab in the second round.

4- Oakland Raiders(DL,DB,WR) DT Jeffrey Simmons Mississippi State

Most have Simmons just outside the Top 10 but not me. He is top 5 talent and I believe all he has done the last 3 years at Mississippi State will triumph his pre-college hiccup. GMs will be drooling over this guy after the combine. Mark my words.

5- Tampa Bay Buccaneers(QB,DB,DE) DB- Greedy Williams LSU

While I think they may be considering getting a new QB, I think they give him one more year mostly due to the poor QB class and they grab the best player available for the position they need.

6- New York Giants(QB,DL,OT) QB Dwayne Haskins Ohio State

Finally, A QB is taken! The Eli Manning era is over and its time to move on. As long as Haskins actually does declare, he will be the guy to take over for the Giants

7-Jacksonville Jaguars(QB,WR,OL) QB Daniel Jones Duke

It was fun while it lasted for Blake Bortles, now they hand the reigns over to probably the most intelligent QB in this class.

8-Detriot Lions(DB,EDGE,TE) EDGE Josh Allen Kentucky

Lions go best player available and grab a future stud. Allen will blow people away at the combine.

9-Denver Broncos(QB,OL,CB) QB Drew Lock Missouri

3 Qbs in the last 4 picks has you saying “I thought this was a poor QB class Peyton”. Well this is probably the last QB taken for awhile.

10-Buffalo Bills(OL,WR,CB) WR A.J Brown Ole Miss

There will concern around AJ the entire draft process but the Bills need a big physical WR and Brown will be the best available.

11-Cincinatti Bengals(TE,LB,OL) LB Devin White LSU

The Bengals really want a tight end but I believe they go best LB available here in hopes of grabbing a TE in the 2nd round

12-Green Bay Packers(EDGE,S,WR) EDGE Montez Sweat Mississippi State

Sweat has an explosive first step with the long frame needed for that EDGE position and the Packers need someone that can get to the QB.

13- Miami Dolphins(QB,DE,WR) EDGE Clellin Ferrell Clemson

The Dolphins want a QB but there just isn’t anybody here worth picking so they address the next biggest draft need.

14-Atlanta Falcons(DT,EDGE,OG) DT Ed Oliver Houston

Most considers Oliver a top 3 pick preseason but he has since slid down for many reasons. He is still one of the best players in this class and the Falcons wont pass him up.

15-Washington Redskins(WR,DB,LB) WR Anthony Johnson Buffalo

A slightly underrated guy who I believe will impress during the combine and the Redskins need a talented WR next year.

16- Carolina Panthers(EDGE,OL,S) OT Greg Little Ole Miss

Cam Newton needs someone to protect him so the Panthers grab the best OL available in Little.

17-Cleveland Browns(OT,WR,CB) OT Cody Ford Oklahoma

Much like the Panthers, The Browns need someone to protect Mayfield. Ford has a mean streak and will move up the boards as the Spring moves on.

18-Minnisota Vikings(OL,DT,LB) DT Quinnen Williams Alabama

Most don’t have Williams falling this far but sometimes you question his motor. After the combine, he may move up or down but the Vikings will take the best player available here.

19-Tennessee Titans(WR,TE,OLB) TE Noah Fant Iowa

The Titans will look either WR or TE here but ultimately I believe they grab a TE to add to the weapons Mariota can throw to.

20-Pittsburg Steelers(OT,CB,RB) CB Deandre Baker Georgia

A lot of this pick will depend on what Bell and Brown do in the offseason but for now I have them addressing a huge need.

21-Philidelphia Eagles(OT,CB,RB) CB Byron Murphy Washington

If this was a deeper RB class, I could seem them going that direction but its not so like the Steelers, they address a position of need.

22- Baltimore Ravens(WR,EDGE,ILB)  EDGE Jachai Polite Florida

The Ravens go with the best player open right here and also get to address a position of need

23-Seattle Seahawks(EDGE,DB,WR) Marquise Brown Oklahoma

If one of the top EDGE rushers are still available here, then they will go that route but I don’t see that happening so they get best available.

24-Houston Texans(OL,S,CB) S Jonathan Abram Mississippi State

Abram is an absolute punisher and will make that defense even scarier with this pick.

25-Indianapolis Colts(DL,WR,CB) EDGE Zach Allen Boston College

The Colts go best available while also addressing a big need with this pick.

26- Oakland Raiders(TE,DL,S) LB Mack Wilson Alabama

After getting a DT with there first pick, they stay on defense and grab the best player available knowing they still have one more pick.

27- New England Patriots(DL,LB,WR) WR N’Keal Harry Arizona State

If one of the top 3 QBs drops to this spot, I firmly believe they would grab them and have Brady’s heir but as it stands now, they grab someone for Brady to sling the ball to.

28- Green Bay Packers(DB,LB,TE) LB Devin Bush Michigan

The Packers need some second level help and Bush provides that, The Packers may look to trade up as well.

29- Los Angeles Chargers(OT,DT,S) DT Dre’mont Jones Ohio State

The Chargers need a run stuffing big guy and Jones is just that.

30-Oakland Raiders(OT,OG,DB) OT Dalton Risner Kansas State

The Raiders finally go offense and get Carr some much needed backside protection.

31-Los Angeles Rams(OLB,S,DT) DT Christian Wilkins Clemson

The Rams coming off a Super Bowl loss, address the biggest position of need with the best player available.

32-Kansas City Chiefs(CB,S,EDGE) CB Amani Oruwariye Penn State

The Super Bowl Champions address one of there very few needs by grabbing a lockdown corner with the last pick of the 1st round.


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