Which State has the best Stability in College Football for 2018?

Which State has the best Stability in College Football for 2018?

We talk all the time about which state produces the most NFL talent, most talent per capita and more. We rank quarterbacks, coaching, recruiting and dang near anything else you want when we talk about sports. 
But, as we churn through spring practice, and head towards the summer, which state in the good ole United States of America is the most stable heading into 2018 when we are talking about Division One College Football? 
Glad you asked, because we have that information for you and it could surprise you. What we did was take our 2018 evals, which will begin to drop next week, and used those numbers to come up with a “state” stamp to identify how good or bad a state could be. 
We use our bread and butter criteria in talent, coaching and quarterback play to help us identify which state is stable; and which ones are not.  Granted, some states may have a power player in them, but their state brethren may bring their collective numbers down. 

So let’s get right to it:

The bottom of the barrel: 

30    New Jersey    45.73
31    Ohio    44.57
32    Louisiana    43.53
33    Idaho    40.71
34    Kansas    38.37
35    Hawaii    28.11
36    New York    27.34
37    Nevada     25.72
38    Massachusetts    25.29
39    Connecticut    14.24
40    Wyoming    13.54
41    New Mexico    2.71

New Mexico ranks dead last, with the Lobos and New Mexico State. Nobody cares about football in the desert, and the same can be said for most of these states on this list.  
The surprise is Louisiana and Ohio, who are home to big boys Ohio State and LSU. But, when you start throwing in the directional schools at each state, it gets murky real quick. 

Yawns and stretches: 

19    Maryland    61.74
20    Indiana    61.13
21    Michigan    60.9
22    Arkansas    58.57
23    Minnesota    58.21
24    Utah    57.9
25    Texas    52.74
26    Colorado    51.99
27    Virginia    51.57
28    Illinois    48.96
29    North Carolina    48.04

Texas is the big eye opener in this group, but if you think about the stability of the state of Texas and college football as we know it, it’s just not a great product. Texas and Texas A&M have underachieved for a decade, Baylor has burnt down, Texas Tech has never been relevant and SMU, who cares?
TCU and Houston are as big a head liners as anyone in this state and nobody would have remotely thought that to be possible 20 years ago. 
We are still waiting to see what Harbaugh does at Michigan, but when you take the Wolverines and MSU Spartans out of the state, it’s very blah. 

Silver Linings: 

11    Oregon    77.98
12    Arizona    77.41
13    California    76.7
14    Missouri    72.14
15    Nebraska    67.3
16    Georgia    65.15
17    Tennessee    64.9
18    Kentucky     63.2

Some interesting states here, but some of these numbers can be misleading. Like Nebraska and Missouri carry their state. Oregon is carrying the entire state as Oregon State is abysmal. 
The state of Tennessee, (despite the fact the Volunteers have vomited all over the state), has actually had some nice football and the core of the state as we enter into 2018 is really good. 
While we have coaching changes in the state of Arizona, recruiting has been decent and quarterback play should be above average as a collective. 

Gold Standard States:

1    Washington    98.7
2    Iowa    88.19
3    Oklahoma    81.8
4    Wisconsin    81.58
5    Florida    81.1
6    Pennsylvania    80.47
7    South Carolina    79.8
8    Alabama    79.4
9    West Virginia    79.02
10    Mississippi     78.8

Lots of names in the top ten you would expect, like Alabama, Florida and Oklahoma.  All three states play good football and most all of the universities in these states have a stable footing. 
The state of West Virginia should have a great year with Marshall and the Mountaineers. The State of Mississippi is in a good place as well and has been for some time. Mississippi State, Ole Miss and Southern Miss all are trending in the right direction. 
Wisconsin is misleading due to one school in Division One football, but that one school has become a staple in the BIG10 and carry’s the state. 
Washington and Iowa, our number one and two states should have great years. 
The state of Washington has two good teams and a possible College Football Playoff team in the Huskers. 
Iowa should also have a great year with two really good coaches, solid quarterback play and talent to keep the Hawkeyes and Cyclones in almost every game they play in 2018. 

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