Regina's Top Three - College Football Picks

Regina's Top Three - College Football Picks


Written by Regina Gray

Kentucky at Mississippi State

There will be a cat and dog fight in Starkville this weekend, and you shouldn’t expect it to be pretty.

The Wildcats were on a two-game winning streak before playing Florida in Week 3 and will be eager to get their groove back by winning their first road game this upcoming Saturday.

The Bulldogs are 2-1 as well coming into Week 4, and will have the home-team advantage. QB Tommy Stevens has a small shoulder problem but it shouldn’t be an issue. RB Kylin Hill should be able to find enough holes in the Wildcats Defense to make some touchdowns.

During this game I wouldn’t expect high numbers or even a total of 50 points between the two. You should expect to see some struggles with the Wildcats Offense and the Bulldogs Defense which in the end will balance each other out with State coming out on top.

MS State 27 – UK 21


California Golden Bears at Ole Miss

The Golden Bears are going into Week 4 undefeated, and will head to Oxford to take on the Ole Miss Rebels.

Cal has an offense that is able to make plays when needed but struggle when it comes to converting on third downs. The Cal secondary on the other hand has been able to hold its opponents long enough for their Offense to score. The Cal secondary will be the reason if the Golden Bears win.

The Rebels are 2-1 going into Week 3 and seem to be coming together on both sides of the ball after the mess which was Week 1 against Memphis.

Another plus for Ole Miss would be that their ground game is impressive with coming in at 220+ yards over these past two weeks.  The Rebels will need to stay focused and their Defense will need to keep pushing that Cal Offense to open up if they want things to go their way. 

In the end, the Rebels offenses won’t be able to fight off the Bear’s secondary, and everyone should expect a low-scoring game in the Vaught-Hemingway Stadium this Saturday afternoon.

Cal 23 – Ole Miss 20


 Southern Miss at Alabama

Everyone should know that as soon as the Golden Eagles hit the Crimson Tide field Saturday, it will already be over.

With that being said… this will not be a close game by any means.

Even though the Eagles won’t be able to run the ball through the Tide’s Defense, they should be able to press through the air in order to keep making plays. Still, I wouldn’t expect too much because this will still be at least a 25-point difference when its all said it done.

There hasn’t been a team that would be able to give Bama a good match-up and there won’t be until maybe the Texas A&M game.

The Eagles will be able to put a few points on the board but won’t be enough to stay in the game.

Alabama 62 – Southern Miss 10

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