2019 PAC 12 Football Boilerplate on the Hourglass - records, projections and more

2019 PAC 12 Football Boilerplate on the Hourglass - records, projections and more

Since the advent of the College Football Playoff in 2014, only Washington has punched a PAC 12 ticket to the big dance of college football and during that time, the west coast league has seen far more negative press than positive.

From what looks to be a botched television deal, to missing the biggest post season moments in mens basketball and football, to botched officiating calls and more - the PAC 12 has seen better days.

The 2019 season offers again a chance for someone to emerge and make football on the west coast relevant on a national level. Regardless if the conference has a participant in the final four of college football, there are great story lines again in the PAC. Can Clay Helton really get it done at USC? Just how good will Stanford and Oregon be and can Mike Leach again win double digit games for the Cougars of Washington State?

Pac 12 Talent:

pac talent.jpg

USC still has on paper the best three year roster talent, but Oregon, Washington and Stanford are on the move - which is evident over the last several years. Oregon looks poised to finally recruit inside our national championship talent line and Stanford and Washington have been stable to very good.

UCLA and Chip Kelly have talent, but last year showed they need more of it, and while Utah continues to be in the hunt or win the PAC 12 south, they still need more talent to win the conference.

California, Arizona and Arizona State all can be in any ball game on any Saturday, but again like Utah need more talent to be more consistent.

Pac 12 Quarterbacks:

The one thing this league does constantly put out is very good quarterback play. Justin Herbert came back for his senior year and could’ve been a top ten pick. Khalili Tate has yet to reach his potential at Arizona, but could have a breakout 2019 and Jacob Eason is expected to have a monster year at Washington.

Overall the league is again set with really good quarterback play.

Pac 12 Coaches:

The same can be said for coaches in this league as the league has some heavy hitters on the head sets. Chris Peterson is our number one coach in this league and again, if there is one guy to watch nationally, it’s this guy. David Shaw is also one of the best at what he does as is Mike Leach.

Chip Kelly, Kyle Wittingham, Kevin Sumlin, Mario Cristobal and Herm Edwards all are really good coaches, but the one to watch is Clay Helton.

I do not expect Helton to be at USC this time next year and if he doesn’t win double digit games Reggie Bush may actually name the next coach at USC - Urban Meyer.

SOS and Powers:

Our 2019 power rankings are based on all our data from coaching, quarterback play, recruiting and more and when it all shakes out, the above is what you get. USC has everything they need, minus the coach - and the top three should battle it out for league supremacy.

As far as schedule rankings, that is another thing hurting USC as they play what we consider the leagues toughest schedule. Oregon can make a statement week one against Auburn and UCLA need not lose to Cincinnati again this year.

It’s a shame not everyone or most anyone cannot get the PAC 12 Network, because this league is fun to watch. We have Washington defeating Utah for the championship this year and the Huskies just missing the playoffs - but, with some help or a bounce, Chris Peterson could again have the PAC 12 back in the playoff.

Editors Note: All photos courtesy of 247sports.com

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