SEC Media Day Recap on the HG

SEC Media Day Recap on the HG

By Mitch Davis

With just about a month to go until College Football season, SEC fans across the nation gathered around their TV’s all week to eat up any bit of morsel of news they could get out of there respected head coach. The unofficial start of College Football season had begun with the start of SEC media days.

With major storylines to watch from new coaches to returning coaches SEC media days did not disappoint and in this article, we will take a look at four major takeaways from Atlanta including a few notable head coaches across the conference.


Nick Saban was definitely in mid-season form and it was a major hit with everybody. A major question coming into Media Day’s was who will be the starting QB for Alabama once the fall kicked off and Saban wasted no time in answering that. Here’s what Saban had to say about the highly contested QB battle between Jalen and Tua- “ And I think the number one thing that you will want to talk about is the quarterback controversy that you'd love to create, that you've already created, that you will continue to create, and I will tell you the same thing exists there. It's still to be determined as to who is going to play quarterback for Alabama. So you can ask all of the questions about it, but it's still to be determined.

Tua basically missed spring practice due to an injury. Jalen had a good spring. Both guys had great summers, and we'll just have to see who wins the team in fall camp. So, we'll see.

So, some of your questions, when you ask me about that, I'm going to say: We'll see. So don't get mad at me.”

With that being said Crimson Tide fans will have to wait until September 1st to find out who the starting QB will be for Alabama.


New coaches from Coach Moorehead to Coach Prewitt took to the big stage in Atlanta with such confidence and with a sense of belonging that a lot of fans and media alike forgot they were even new to being a Head Coach.

Here’s what Coach Moorehead had to say about media days-

“ Good morning. I appreciate everybody coming out today. And certainly the coverage you provide for our team and our conference is something that makes this conference very special. So I thank you very much for your time and really appreciate it. I'm certainly humbled and honored to be here today representing Mississippi State at SEC Media Day. You look around at the event and the people that are here and coverage and slogan that "It Just Means More" really resonates. It's certainly an honor and privilege to be a part of this. Just three short years ago at this time of year, I was a head coach at Fordham University in the Patriot League. Not to take away from Patriot League Media Day, which was held at Green Pond Country Club in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania certainly this is a little larger in scope and significance. So certainly proud to be part of the SEC Media Days. I would like to thank the SEC communications department. “

Coach Prewitt on SEC Media Day’s-

“You know, there's a lot of firsts for me, my first SEC meetings and sitting in there for a couple of days, it was really easy to see why this conference is the best conference in the country. You know, sitting around and listening to Greg talk and lead the meetings, brilliant guy, and has a plan for everything. And Greg, I just want to say thank you for that introduction and thank you for having me. Thank you to the media. This is the best conference in the country. And a lot of it has to do with the exposure that you guys get. Everywhere you're at, it doesn't matter if you-you're in Knoxville, Tennessee or you can be in Houston, Texas, or you can be in Cincinnati, Ohio, wherever, the coverage for the SEC is second to none. Thank you for that. For me, when I chose to go to Tennessee, and our staff chose to go to Tennessee, our number one goal is to build a championship program”

Both Prewitt and Moorehead won their respected fan bases over and will likely have a lot of success at each respected program.


Atlanta has recently has taken over as the epicenter of SEC Football from two teams playing for a National Title in the brand new Mercedes Benz Stadium to the yearly takeover of Alabama in the SEC Championship. The SEC wanted to continue that epicenter by hosting this year’s SEC Media Day’s in the brand new College Football Hall of Fame which is within a few steps of the Mercedes Benz stadium in downtown Atlanta. The new venue seemed to work well, but a lot of fans missed the history of having the event in Hoover.


All roads run through Tuscaloosa and Athens as we head into the 2018 College Football season. Media, fans, and coaches alike are all in agreement that Georgia and Alabama are on a major crash course for a rematch in Atlanta. Yes, there might be a few sleeper teams like Mississippi State and South Carolina but at the end of the day, Georgia and Alabama are still in the driver's seat. These two teams have the most talent, and the best coaches and everybody else in the SEC are just trying to play catch up.

At the conclusion of Media Day’s, we are reminded that brighter days are ahead for College Football fans as we inch closer to the toe meets the leather and kicking off the 2018 College Football season. Hang in tight College Football fans we are only a month away!

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